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Raisins have different types and models, each of which has its own benefits and is beneficial for your health. In the rest of this article, we would like to introduce you the types of raisins so that you will be more comfortable in choosing and buying raisins.

Some of the best-known types of raisins

The vocabulary used to name different types of raisins is as vast as the different kinds themselves. Many people tend to divide them according to their difference in color, while some more famous types such as Sultana or Mavis are also known by their oriental names. There is also the process of drying that identifies many of the raisins’ varieties. In the following part, we will review a few numbers of these types.

As there exist many types of grapes, the variety of types of raisins, also known as kismis, is to be expected. Many factors lead to this variety; from the type of grape that is used, the quality and the size of it to the process of it being dried and substances added to it during this process. Among these different types, some are more famous and some are less known; from Golden raisins that are known to be superior to other types such as Black, Sultana, Red, Kashmiri, Iran Sun Dried Raisin , etc. in this article, we will cover the difference between these types, focusing mostly on different types of Iranian raisins , as this snack has been heavily connected to the culture and tradition of this land throughout history.

  1. Golden raisins

Among all the varieties of raisins, Golden raisins are best known for their bright amber color and their moister and juicy texture. These vivid golden raisins are made from a green Thompson seedless variety of grapes. The process of drying the grapes makes this type of raisin stand out among other types of raisins; To turn grapes into Golden raisins, the grapes are dried by a dehydrator while being in the presence of Sulphur dioxide, serving as a preserver for its shape and golden color. As for its superiority in nutritional value, alongside all other benefits of raisins in general, golden raisin has slightly more flavonoids, and natural phenolic compounds that have antioxidant effects; in other words, they can prevent cancer and decelerate the aging process.

Iranian golden raisins

Even though many countries around the world produce golden raisins, Iran has always been one of the main and best producers of this dried fruit. Iranian golden raisins mostly come from East Azerbaijan Province and West Azerbaijan Province and are available in different qualities.

  1. Sultana raisins

iranian sultana raisins are made by drying the same variety of grapes as Golden raisins; What distinguishes these two types of kismis from each other, is the process of drying them. After harvesting the grapes, they are dipped in an oil-based solution for a short while in order to get dried faster and then are either exposed to the sunlight or heated. The color of the final product is slightly darker than Golden raisins as it does not contain Sulphur dioxide.

Sultana raisins

The texture of this type of raisin is plump and meaty and it is sweeter than other types of raisins. Both Sultana and Golden raisins are mainly used in the food and cake industry.

Minor Asia is well-known for its production of Sultana raisins; as for Iran, central cities such as Malayer and Qazvin have a good reputation among customers looking for Sultana raisins of high quality.

  1. Mavis raisins

Mavis raisins, better known as Zante currants, are made from darker types of table grapes such as Black Corinth, Autumn Royal, etc. this type of kismis is larger than Sultana and Golden raisins and is less sweet compared to them. The reddish color of these raisins is a result of the high antioxidants they contain; aside from that, their nutritional value doesn’t differ much from other types of raisins and is overall a very good snack for the body.

In the case of Iranian Mavis raisins, there exists a special type of seedless grape called Fakhri which is very suitable for drying. The color of Mavis Fakhri raisin is a lighter shade of red compared to regular Mavis raisins and is very eye-catching. This type of raisin is mostly produced in Maragheh and Shiraz.

Mavis raisins

  1. Kashmiri raisins

Iranian Kashmiri Green Raisins , also known as Long green raisin, is a quite famous type of raisin exported mainly from Iran to other regions. This oval-shaped, seedless green raisin hails from the Pekami grapes of the Gulf Region. It is not popular in the food industry and is more used in trail mixes. Its taste is a combination of sour and sweet. Its color varies from dark green to light green or golden depending on the drying process. This type of raisin is either prepared like Golden raisins or Sultanas. The former is called Golden Kashmiri raisin and is a lighter shade of green while the latter is called Green Kashmiri raisin and is darker in color and less juicy in texture.

Kashmiri green raisins

  1. Sun dried; Shade dried

If you are a fan of raisins, you may have heard that some of them are considered “organic” while some are just regular raisins. In general, being called organic depends on the process of preparing raisins. While some types of raisins, such as Sultana and Golden, are dried mechanically, with the help of solutions or by being exposed to Sulphur, the organic ones are dried by being left somewhere after the harvesting for a longer period. There exist two methods of drying grapes organically: either you have to spread them under direct sunlight or keep them outdoors but in the shades. As the process, especially that of the second one, is hard and time-consuming, the product is more expensive compared to other types of raisins and the color of these raisins is darker than raisins such as Golden.

Sun Dried Raisin

Which one is better?

In terms of nutritional value, the difference between types of raisins is so little that you can choose among them according to your taste, without having to worry about missing anything. If you want to use it as an ingredient for food or cake, you would want to stick with the recipe and choose the type of raisin it recommends; but if the recipe does not insist on one particular type, Golden raisin is a suitable choice for baking.

It should be noted that the amount of Sulphur dioxide added to Golden and Kashmiri raisins is strictly according to global standards and even has some health benefits, but if you are by any chance allergic to Sulphur dioxide, you may want to consult your doctor before consuming these two types of raisins.

different types of raisins

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