Golden raisins

Packaging : 5kg | 10kg | 12.5kg


Principle Nutrient Value/100g Unit
Energy 320.8 Kcal
Carbohydrates 75.9 g
Protein 1.9 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Total Fat 0.4 g
Sugars 75.8 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Dietary Fiber 3 g g
Sodium 56 mg
Potassium mg


Golden Raisin | the best raisins in Iran

Golden raisins are made from Sultanas, treated with Sulfur Dioxide, and flame dried to give them their characteristic color .Golden raisins are produced by harvesting green seedless grapes and mechanically drying them in the presence of sulfur dioxide for color retention.

The process and stages of production and manufacturing of golden raisins

Golden raisin is a type of grape that is mostly grown in East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan, it is actually a special type of grape and is not common. When the grapes are fully grown, they collect them and put them in the floating cases inside, in a tub. (Just like iranian sultana raisins)


Production stages

step 1 : Actually, in the first stage, these products are poured into the basket and placed inside these tubs of water. They are impregnated with those special materials that contain water inside

step 2 : Raisins are transported to a place where there are some scaffolds and they are attached and hung to the scaffolds, and then again at that stage they are exposed to sulphurous smoke.

iranian golden raisins

Why do they use sulfur smoke for golden raisins?

You may also have this question, as to what is the reason for applying sulfur smoke to raisins, In fact, we owe this golden color of raisins to this sulfur smoke, In fact, the sulfur and acid fumes that are given to them are the reason for this attractive golden color in these special raisins.

Characteristics of golden raisins

The main and the most advantage that can be mentioned of golden raisins, and most of the customers who buy this product and are its fans, use it for the food industry and the cake and pastry industry, etc. For example, for the production and baking of special and delicious raisin cookies and sweets and As we said, this product mostly belongs to East Azerbaijan and regions like Benab and Malekan.

Harvesting and product preparation time

The harvest time of this product is in the month of September, and the time of release of this product, that is, when the grapes turn into golden raisins, through a special process, is in the month of October, when the product is almost ready.

Golden raisins of Iran

Selling golden raisins

The sale of this product is in bulk, and in fact, we have a minimum order in the purchase process, which must be observed in the customer’s purchase.

Our products in Fooka are in 5 kg, 10 kg and 12 kg packages and can be presented to you dear customers. If the customer buys in large quantities, it has the ability to have the customer’s desired logo and brand printed on it.

The golden raisin product is ready to be presented to you in 3 qualities, which we will explain below :

1 . Classy
First-class raisins have a large size and are uniformly golden in color. Actually, when you hold them in your hand, each and every raisin is golden and special.
2 . grade two
Second grade golden raisins are a little bit smaller in size and among these golden raisins, you will also see a series of brown raisins, in fact the color is just different and it is not golden yellow and it is matte.
3 . third degree
In third grade golden raisins, all the raisins are brown and you can find golden colored raisins in them. In the ratio of 70 to 30, we have mixed brown raisins with golden raisins, and you will see many brown raisins in it.

 <<  Your minimum order in Fooka is 20 tons and the shipping method is whatever the customer wants and it is up to the customer >>

Organic golden raisin

Golden Raisin is graded for this reason, because :

Depending on the country that buys and what they want to do with it, and according to the country’s request, these raisins will be delivered to them. For example, Iraq always asks us for third grade raisins, but Russians and Europeans generally buy first grade golden raisins from us.
Second grade raisins also have their own customers.

Special features of Golden raisins in Fooka

  • Jumbo : There are 250-300 per 100 grams (coarse raisins)
  • Global standard  : There are 300 to 370 seeds per 100 grams.
  • Sulfur gas (SO2) : maximum sulfur gas 1000 ppm
  • Packaging Bulk : 5kg 10kg 12.5 kg

Buy Iranian golden raisins

How to buy products in Fooka store

The way to buy our products is both in person and online and offline. You can visit our office and you can visit the factory and see the production line, and you can contact us offline from any country you are in and we will do your work completely.

How to send all our products in Fooka, especially raisins

1 . export
2 . FOB
It is for this purpose that the cargo will be transported to Bandar Abbas and there we will deliver the ship named by the customer to us and send it to you. In Iran, most of the shipping methods are FOB or Sif
3 . SIF
Sif is the way that we will send the cargo to Jabr Ali port in Dubai. In fact, the ship that the customer specifies in a standard way will deliver the cargo to Jebel Ali port.
Of course, you can also pick up your cargo directly in person at the factory. The method of sending and the type of packaging is up for discussion and can be according to the customer’s choice and taste, any method that is more convenient for the customer can be coordinated with us.

How is the payment method in Fooka?

We can receive the amount from you in cash. In fact, we will work with you in cash and in advance. It means that the customer selects and determines the product and a contract will be drawn up with the customer and you have to deposit one third of the contract amount to us and we will send the product and cargo to you fully prepared and when your cargo is ready, for We will take photos and videos of the shipment and send them to you, of course, if you are not there in person.

And after your approval, the second stage of deposit should be done from your side so that we can load the cargo into the car and send it to you.

When the second stage deposit is done, we will send the cargo to you with full packaging. As long as the cargo is in the hands of the driver and us, it must be fully settled from the customer’s side and after the final deposit, our driver will deliver the cargo to the relevant ship.
No credit purchases will be made in Fooka, and all the steps we have mentioned must be done completely. In fact, our payment method is in cash, but in order to gain your trust and satisfaction, the payment will be made in three stages.

Buy Iranian golden raisins

Important points that you should pay attention to when buying raisins

An important point is that, apart from Iraq, which easily buys from us, countries like the UAE or European countries have a series of health rules that must be strictly followed for the products.
For example, it declares that the amount of sulfur in this product, in a 50 kg product, must be a number between a specific range. or the amount of acid used in the products
All these items will be prepared according to the standards of the different countries to which they should be sent and according to the global standard, and our products will not be more or less and will be delivered to the customer completely according to the global standard.

For example, for European customers, the amount and amount of sulfur used in raisins is very important and they should know and be aware of it.
These numbers are available in Fooka catalogs and we are ready to answer you.


** Another important thing that we must tell you, considering that currently Iran is not able to make direct financial exchange with many countries of the world, the terms of payment for this process are that the customer, from any country, informs us. who intend to buy and want to send you the advance payment, we will tell the customer the exact place where they can deposit money, for example, the Emirates.
In fact, we introduce a money changer and the customer deposits the money into the money changer’s account and the changer will pay us the money in Iran. **

A note about product packaging in fooka:

Your products will be placed in 5 to 10 kg or 12 kg cartons, and first of all, they will be placed in a boxes, and then the raisins will be poured into that box, and the lid of the bag will be completely closed, and the box will also be closed. They close completely and each of these boxes will be vacuumed and plasticized and shrink individually, and this packaging is so strong and resistant that it can be transported by sea and land and in different conditions, and they are waterproof and firm and strong. Their packaging will not tear easily.

This special packaging is because there are a number of products and wrong packaging that will absorb moisture and smell musty when they enter the ship and by the time they reach their destination.

buy golden raisins

Important features of golden raisin in fooka

Raisins are a perfect source of energy and they have a great amount of Vitamins and Minerals, in addition to Protein and dietary Fiber Golden raisins’s Vitamins and Minerals include Potassium, Calcium, Iron and etc. 100 grams of Iran golden raisins have 329 Kilo Cal, 66g Carbohydrates, 3.5g Dietary Fiber, 1.23mg Iron, 63.22mg Calcium and 0.2g fat.

more about Golden raisins

Golden raisin, has many fans among European countries and Persian Gulf countries who are particularly interested in this type of iranian raisins . For this reason,  this product has a special importance in terms of export and it is sent to other countries more than other raisins, so the production of this product is very important and it can bring a good income every year.

It should also be mentioned, that among the different countries of the world, Iran is the first in the world market in the field of golden raisin production and has the largest share of production of this product in the world.

What sets us apart from our competitors:

The most important difference between us and other competitors is that in the golden raisin product, we ourselves are for that region and range, and we have direct and easy access to many of the main factories and their main sources. In fact, we do not work with just one factory, we are working with several factories

  • Another thing about Fooka is that we can provide you with the best product in the best possible quality, and our main hallmark is the quality of our products.
  • Another feature of ours is that the products we buy for you are at a more reasonable price than the market and you can compare the prices yourself.
  • Another point is that other competitors are one factory and only sell their own products, but we have access to the products of several factories. In fact, we have the ability to supply much more products. Maybe if you work with one of them, they will tell you, for example, they can supply 20 tons a week, but we have the ability to supply you with 100 tons a day.


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