Dried Fruits

Dried fruit is a fruit that has lost all its water due to drying. In fact, dried fruits become smaller by losing water, but their sugar and calorie content is much higher than fresh fruits.

What are the benefits of dried fruits?

As you know, the human body needs a lot of minerals and vitamins during the day, and in order to receive these substances, each person should consume fruits 2-3 times a day.

But due to the fact that the variety of fruits decreases in the cold seasons of the year, many people refuse to eat fruits, so to solve this problem, it is better to dry or freeze your favorite fruits in the summer than throughout the year. You can use them.

Dried fruit plays an important role in strengthening the immune system, controlling diabetes, improving digestive function and preventing diseases such as constipation, fitness, bone strength, heart health, preventing premature aging, reducing the risk of depression and Alzheimer’s, treating anemia and It has many other diseases.

The benefits of consuming dried fruit on the body’s defense mechanism:

Consuming different types of dried fruit can bring health benefits and properties such as strengthening the body’s immune system. Dried fruits containing vitamin C are especially useful. Vitamin C in dried fruits can be useful not only for strengthening the immune system, but also for improving the quality of the skin and fighting infections.

This issue becomes more important especially to increase the immunity of pregnant mothers. That is why the consumption of dried mango and golden raisins is very popular during pregnancy.

benefits of dried fruit for the stomach and intestines:

Most fruits contain dietary fiber, and dried fruit contains more concentrated fiber due to the drying process and loss of water. Dietary fiber is very important for the health of the digestive system. The gut contains beneficial bacteria that absorb this fiber and produce short-chain fatty acids that are beneficial for gut health. Also, soluble fiber can absorb more water in the stool and increase its volume. In this way, the movement of feces along the large intestine becomes easier and the problem of constipation is reduced.

For example, dried plums are one of the types of dried fruits that contain large amounts of dietary fiber and are known as a laxative fruit. By consuming this fruit, you can increase the health of the digestive system and prevent problems such as constipation.

All kinds of dried fruit in fooka

  • Dried apples
  • Dried Apricot
  • Dried kiwi
  • Dried orange
  • Dried peaches
  • Dried persimmon
  • Dried red plum
  • Dried strawberries
  • Dried tomato

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