Kashmiri green raisins


Principle Nutrient Value/100g Unit
Energy 320.8 Kcal
Carbohydrates 75.9 g
Protein 1.9 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Total Fat 0.4 g
Sugars 75.8 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Dietary Fiber 3 g g
Sodium 56 mg
Potassium mg
Calcium mg




Every thing about Kashmiri green raisins

Kashmiri green raisins are taller than other raisins. This type of raisin turns green by immersing the dried grapes in the shade. Iranian Kashmiri green raisin is famous for its sweet taste and distinctive sour taste that comes more towards the east.

Kashmiri green raisins contain a variety of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus, and play an important role in bone health and preventing osteoporosis, and its consumption is very useful for women before menopause. Also, green raisins contain large amounts of vitamin D, which helps in better absorption of calcium.

How to produce Kashmiri raisins in Fooka

Another raisin that we sell and produce in Fooka Company is Kashmiri raisin. This raisin is green in color and dries in front of the sun. From countries like India and Pakistan, there is a high demand for receiving and buying Kashmiri raisins.

Just like Iranian golden raisins , this product will enter the acid with the same pans or tubs, and finally it will be spread on the scaffolds, and finally they will be dried, and at the last stage, it will be packed and will be available to you.

Kashmiri green raisins

Special features of Kashmiri green raisins in Fooka

  • Jumbo : There are 250-300 per 100 grams (coarse raisins)
  • Global standard  : There are 300 to 370 seeds per 100 grams.
  • Sulfur gas (SO2) : maximum sulfur gas 1000 ppm
  • Packaging Bulk : 5kg 10kg 12.5 kg

Characteristics of Kashmiri raisins

Green raisins are reasonably uniform in color and may range from green or light green to yellow. kashmiri raisins also know as green long raisins too. The taste is more natural and grown in Iran-kashmar. Kashmir is one of the cities that offers this high quality product in the country and has many fans. Green raisin is considered as the best type of product for export, which has many demanders and is sent to other countries in high volume every year, just like golden raisins.

Iranian Kashmari Green Raisins

Selling Iranian Kashmari Green Raisins

The sale of this product is in bulk, and in fact, we have a minimum order in the purchase process, which must be observed in the customer’s purchase.

Our products in Fooka are in 5 kg, 10 kg and 12 kg packages and can be presented to you dear customers. If the customer buys in large quantities, it has the ability to have the customer’s desired logo and brand printed on it.

Benefits of this wonderful iranian raisins

Follow us at Fooka store to explain the benefits of Kashmiri raisins to you, so that you will be more comfortable in choosing and buying raisins.

  • Infertility treatment

The abundance of natural sugars in raisins creates a lot of energy in people. Raisins are useful for releasing energy for sex and are useful for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Raisins are useful for improving blood circulation and its consumption helps to stimulate sexual desire. Raisins have arginine, which helps to improve sperm movement and thus cure infertility.

  • Beautiful and healthy hair

Raisins help in keeping hair fresh and its regular consumption can be effective in maintaining hair health. This nutrient accelerates hair growth and hair follicle cells recover regularly with regular consumption of raisins. Absorption of vitamin C inside the body prevents inflammation of the scalp and prevents cell damage. It is also possible to prevent conditions such as dandruff, peeling and itching of the scalp by regularly consuming these dried fruits.

Kashmari Green Raisin Price

  • Poor Eye Health

It also include many polyphenolic phytonutrients that are great for ocular health. Because they protect eyes from many damages caused by free radical. Kashmiri green raisins are also good sources of vitamin A and beta carotene to improve eyesight for maintaining good eye health.

  • skin rejuvenation

Consuming raisins plays a big role in the health and freshness of the skin. Skin cells become more resistant to damage as a result of continuous consumption of Kashmiri green raisins, and the use of this useful food has a significant effect in preventing the formation of wrinkles. Skin sagging, which is a normal thing in the elderly, can be prevented by daily consumption of raisins (one per day).

The presence of resveratrol helps to eliminate toxic cells from the blood and also helps to purify the blood. If raisins are used regularly, the skin will be fully nourished and shiny, and diseases such as psoriasis, which is a chronic autoimmune skin disease, will be controlled and its progress will be prevented.

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