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Different types of raisins

There are different types of raisins and each of them has many features and benefits for you.
In the following, we will introduce different types of raisin to you, so you will be more comfortable in choosing and buying raisin.

Golden raisin

One of the most popular and delicious raisin that we have to introduce to you, is Iranian golden raisins  . There are large amounts of calcium and potassium in golden raisins, which are good for skin diseases.

انگور کشمش طلایی

And hair loss is very effective. If your body is low in iron, you can supply your body with iron by eating raisins and ensure your health. If someone has a bad breath, they can use raisin first thing in the morning to prevent bad breath.

Like other types of raisin, golden raisin are graded based on their quality and placed in different categories. In this way, the higher the golden raisin is, the higher its quality will be.

fooka golen raisins

On the other hand, in a division, golden raisins are classified according to size. For example: Premium and first-class golden raisin have a size of 9 to 12 or 10 to 12 mm, which, of course, are specific to Iranian golden raisins, and this size may be different in other countries.

Sultana raisin

Sultana Raisin is a small, sweet dried fruit that is often made from seedless white grapes of Vitis Vinifera (a species of Vitis that is native to the Mediterranean region, Central Europe, and Southwest Asia). Sultana raisins are often confused with raisin, as they are all different types of dried grapes; But what distinguishes Sultani from the other two varieties is its soft and sweet texture.

The color of sultani is golden and compared to raisin, it is juicier, sweeter and meatier, and it is considered an excellent and low-fat snack.

Sun Dried Raisin

Sun Dried Raisin , is called a fruit that is produced from different types of ripe grapes, in such a way that the grapes are spread directly under the sun without any addition to it to dry and turn brown due to drying.

organic raisins

There are different methods to convert grapes into sunny raisins, but the best and most useful sunny raisins are grapes that have been dried in the open air and exposed to sunlight or shade instead of using chemicals and sulfur.

Kashmiri green raisin

Kashmari Green Raisin , which is also called long raisin, is produced from local varieties of Iranian grapes. They are green in color and are popular with those who do not like the strong aroma of other types of raisin

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