Dried strawberries



Dried strawberries In addition to their antioxidant properties, their attractive color and unique fragrance give your basket of dried fruit , a look.

Dried fruit, a substitute for fresh fruit, is a good snack, one of the types of dried fruit is Dried strawberries fruit.

Strawberry is a delicious fruit that has many lovers.

Strawberries are fruits that are dried industrially in

large quantities and are used for various purposes.

In addition to consuming this fruit raw,

Fans of this product can use it as a jam, marmalade, etc.,

by buying bulk them.


confectioners and those who like to bake and decorate cakes

and sweets use this beautiful fruit to decorate their

cakes and sweets to make it more attractive.

Regarding the main calories of dried strawberries, both dry and raw,

it should be said that in general,

the calories of dried fruit and its consumption,

in any case, have their properties and benefits.

Still, it must be accepted that the consumption of them is

more than raw consumption. We refer to its dry consumption properties below.

From the properties of buy dried strawberries, it can be said that this fruit,

despite its small appearance compared to most fruits, is rich in vitamins C

and B and iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, sodium, silicon iodine, etc.

This fruit has more calories than some fruits, such as cucumber,

but it has fewer calories than some fruits, such as bananas.

Consumption of this fruit in dry form is very effective

in preventing cancer, especially esophageal cancer.

Also, the antioxidant in this product effectively strengthens teeth

and removes stains on tooth enamel.

Dried strawberries of iran can be stored in

an air-tight container for at least 6 months in your pantry.

Strawberries must be completely dry in order to have a long shelf life.

If there is any doubt, you can freeze them to extend their shelf life.


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